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dc.contributor.authorÇetin, Serkant Ali
dc.contributor.authorCAST Collaboration
dc.identifier.citationVogel, J., Arık, E., Aune, S., Autiero, D., Barth, K., Belov, A. ... CAST Collaboration. (2008). Search for solar axions with the CAST-experiment. In M. Barone, A. Gaddi, C. Leroy, L. Price, P. G. Rancoita & R. Ruchti (Eds.), Astroparticle, Particle and Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications - Proceedings of the 10th Conference (pp. 282-286). Singapore, SG: World Scientific.en_US
dc.descriptionÇetin, Serkant Ali (Dogus Author) -- Conference full title: International Conference on Advanced Technology and Particle Physics, ICATPP 2007; Como; Italy; 8 October 2007 through 12 October 2007 -- #nofulltext#en_US
dc.description.abstractSolar axions can be produced in the Sun via the so-called Primakoff effect. The CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST) uses an LHC prototype magnet of about 9 T to reconvert these axions into photons. The magnet is able to follow the Sun for about 3 hours per day. Three different X-Ray detectors are mounted on its ends to detect photons from axionto- photon conversion: a Time Projection Chamber (TPC), a MICROMEGAS (MICROMEsh GAseous Structure) and a Charge Coupled Device (CCD). For the CCD an X-ray focusing device is used to improve the signal-to-background ratio significantly. With the completion of CAST's first phase, the current limits on the coupling constant gar for axion masses up to 0.02 eV have been improved. In its second phase, CAST extends the axion mass range by filling the magnet with a buffer gas. Masses up to about 0.4 eV have already been covered and thus the experiment is entering the regions favored by axion models. This paper will present the status of CAST's second phase.en_US
dc.publisherWorld Scientificen_US
dc.subjectCERN Axion Solar Telescopesen_US
dc.subjectCoupling Constantsen_US
dc.subjectCurrent Limitsen_US
dc.subjectPhoton Conversionen_US
dc.subjectSignal-to-Background Ratioen_US
dc.subjectTime Projection Chambersen_US
dc.subjectX-Ray Detectorsen_US
dc.subjectX-Ray Focusingen_US
dc.titleSearch for solar axions with the CAST-experimenten_US
dc.relation.journalInternational Conference on Advanced Technology and Particle Physicsen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDoğuş Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Fizik Bölümüen_US

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